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11 November 2016

- Online LURITS database.
- Signed, dated and scanned deployment report.
- All attendance should be updated.

- All errors checked and corrected.

Bringing the Concept of Submission against Data-Bank

The concept of submission as defined from Merriam Webster, that it is act of giving a document, a proposal, piece of writing to someone so that it can be considered or approved. On other side Data-bank as defined by Wikipedia, it is  is a repository of information on one or more subjects that is organized in a way that facilitates local or remote information retrieval. Why submission against Data-bank?
Data submission on SASAMS may be interpreted as submission of data only on prescribed dates, it is usually one way traffic, once one submitted data one will wait until the next submission is due. This creates a practice where one will never consider quality when doing data submission. The person who submitted data never expect the benefit of data submitted.
The concept of Data-Bank is much clearer with understanding than just submission. As described, the information is uploaded on regular basis, as long as any information is updated. There is always feedback in the form of data output, data output refers to statistical data that one may get, depending on the input data uploaded through Data-Bank. 
The practice will be of good benefit if it is clearly understood, when dealing with data it is always important to backup such data for any unexpected damage, loss or corrupt, which may sometimes be irreparable. The big challenge that we experience if failure to make regular backup. Some people only think of backup once data is corrupt. If Data-Bank is practiced, there will always be a recent data that can be retrieved as the backup. It is also expectation that the quality of output data (statistics) will improve as the recent and updated information was uploaded.
The challenge facing submission and Data-Bank is the understanding of the different between the two, actually the person who upload the information is the one who enjoys the benefit of such information through statistical information. 


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