Sello Hlasa

Sello Hlasa
In loving memory of our colleague and friend (Hlasa Sello) - Xhariep SASAMS Trainer. May his Soul Rest In Peace

29 September 2014

New on Contact Details

We have provided the space below the blogger page for email contact, please provide your name, email and send your message to us. We hope to assist you as soon as we get your email.

15 September 2014

Workshop Presentation

The following presentation is available for download (to request password please click here).

01 September 2014

Invitation for the workshop

The following circular for a workshop may be downloaded and brought to the attention of everyone involved.

29 August 2014

August Submission

Schools have been phoning to ask if there is submission for August. Please note that we do not have the normal submission for August, there is no CD available for August so there is no submission of CD; schools should not also email their databases. We requested schools to test the new way of electronic submission which is readily available on emisportal. REMEMBER YOUR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION FOR AUGUST WILL ONLY BE FOR TEST PURPOSES.We are arranging training workshop for Maluti A Phofung and Phumelela schools on the 10th and 11th September 2014. The circular will be made available once approval has been granted by District Director.

27 August 2014

Online Submission via Emisportal

Have you visited emis-portal lately? We are improving on data collection and electronic submissions via emisportal. Schools are therefore requested to submit their databases for August immediately on emis-portal.
Please remember to do all the processes before you submit, update information, attendance, marks etc. Approve and deploy the database. Please use the following guideline how to go about the processes. Wish you a good luck.

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