Sello Hlasa

Sello Hlasa
In loving memory of our colleague and friend (Hlasa Sello) - Xhariep SASAMS Trainer. May his Soul Rest In Peace

21 August 2014

New SASAMSPatch Version 14.2.0

The new SASAMSPatch Version 14.2.0 is available for download. and also Errors and omissions 2.1.9

12 August 2014

Accessing information on Emisportal

The following information is hereby brought to your attention. This is regarding emis-portal for schools with internet connectivity.
Have you visited Free State Emis-portal lately on ? Do you still remember your login credentials (that is your emis number and the password used during post provisioning)? If this information is not available or the password is forgotten you are requested to please request to reset your password on emis-portal on the following link:

Have you also noticed that we have information for schools to access their statistical information on emis-portal; Data Driven District? Please visit the following link to check for your school;

This information may be downloaded or saved and brought to the attention of all stakeholders.

We are working hard bringing more options that schools can benefit from this portal. Please visit this portal and login regularly; not to forget your password again.

04 August 2014

Parents appeal on learner promotions

The following circular is brought to the attention of schools regarding the parent's appeal on the promotion of learners. The circular EA 2_2014 has full explanation. It is therefore imperative for schools to scrutinize this information and cascade to parents who have the appeal. Appeal forms are also downloadable from this blog under the circulars
Schools also reminded on the conditions of promotions as stipulated in protocol and assessment policy. The circular EA 1_2014 is therefore give full explanation on the promotions of learners. The two documents are therefore aimed at bringing consistency and uniformity when dealing with learner promotions. The SASAMS latest patch (version 14.1.0) has updated so that the promotion decisions comply with the documents as indicated.

25 June 2014

Submission of database for Post Provisioning (25 July 2014)

The following circular is brought to the attention of school's principal regarding the submission of the database on the 25th July 2014.

22 June 2014

SASAMSPatch 14.1.0

The new SASAMSPatch is available for download; schools are therefore requested to run this patch before issuing reports for this term.