25 June 2014

Submission of database for Post Provisioning (25 July 2014)

The following circular is brought to the attention of school's principal regarding the submission of the database on the 25th July 2014.

22 June 2014

SASAMSPatch 14.1.0

The new SASAMSPatch is available for download; schools are therefore requested to run this patch before issuing reports for this term.

18 June 2014

Annual Leave

Please note that I will be on annual leave from 23 June to 18 July 2014.

17 June 2014

Capturing of Grade 12 Consumer Studies and Life Orientation

Capturing of Consumer Studies in Grade 12, Practical is written in Term 2, there are four activities recorded in SASAMS; according to Subject Advisers there are only 3 Practical Activities instead of that should be recorded by school. The following guideline is attached shows how schools may effect changes in SASAMS to accommodate three activities.

Life Orientation for Grade 12, Task 5 (Project) according to the CAPS states that Learners should be given a project before the end of the second term, after the content related to the project has been addressed, for submission during the third term. It is in this that the following guideline is attached as to how to capture the marks for term 2.

11 June 2014

Outstanding databases

This is the reminder about the outstanding submissions of May. Regardless of efforts we are putting in place to ensure that data is collected on time, we still have challenges of late submissions. The following link shows outstanding submissions for every week. Please click here to check if your schools is still outstanding, if already submitted check again the following Monday for updated information.