Education Management Information System

Thabo Mofutsanyana Education District

SASAMS Schools Support

School Safety Workshop for Principals

The workshop is to address the high rate of learner misconduct in schools, which are not reported through SASAMS. Principals in Thabo Mofutsanyana had a very wonderful session on how to report incidents of misconduct and crime that occur in schools. Mr. Mathe addresses the challenges of schools not reporting such misconduct. Schools are not assisted on time due to non-reporting of such misconduct. 

The following release of SASAMSPatch is downloadable from the following Servers

Our Key Responsibility

Conduct Training

Schools are trained to ensure that Education data is improved and captured on education system.

All stakeholders, administrators, educators and SMT are trained to ensure implementation of the system.

School Support

We provide technical support to schools. We also support schools in repair both hardware and software used to run the system.  

We also support schools on data capturing, fixing errors that are reported.

Data Submission

School data that has been captured on system is submitted electronically online on weekly basis. This is to ensure that the latest data is always available for the department.

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